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What will that mean for you?  Well, a fresh new look for starters.  We'll be releasing screenshots in the weeks to come.  Keep an eye on the Mockups and Screenshots page for wireframe mockups and screenshots.  In addition to better performance, we're targeting higher reliability, smoother integration with CSEC, and other databases (IMRL/ICRL, we're looking right at you!) a generous list of reports, even custom reports, and much more!

We are working very closely with teams around the fleet to ensure the highest quality builds, and to complete long standing feature requests that, until now, were just not feasible.  Under the hood, we're keeping all the best bits, reworking workflow, redesigning the object model, and enhancing capabilities.  The roadmap is not complete but if you want to see what we are working on, head over to the Road Map and have a look.

Don't worry, we're not abandoning the current version of AuditTrail.  We'll continue to support it under current agreements and will continue to provide support as a 'Legacy' version until next summer.  We think you'll want to migrate to the new and improved, right away though.  With the new object model, we're implementing something never-before heard of in Office document development.  We're implementing Test Driven Development – so what -- what does that mean?  Simply put, it means no more rapid-fire releases because we broke something.  Now, before every release, we'll be able to provably know that it is stable and well built - no more gotchas!

We're also redesigning the help system.  You'll not only be able to come here for documentation, you'll be able to get context sensitive help - right inside your session.  We're developing the documentation at the same time we're adding features but we'll always have the latest documentation available here.

Oh, about the name change.  AuditTrail was a good title for what it did - track audits, and AuditTrail is going to remain AuditTrail.  However, many requests from all across the fleet have had one question in common: "Can you create a solution that routes more than just audits?  Like, any correspondence?"  With the new solution, the answer is finally "YES!"  The new solution will allow you to create a request of any type, attach it to an electronic routing matrix, just like how an audit currently works, and route it up the chain.  All the features you've come to enjoy with AuditTrail - no more lost paperwork, no more wondering who is sitting on it, no more wondering if you're ever going to see it again, all these issues are now a thing of the past.  

We've thought long and hard about what to call the new solution, finally landing on a decision.  We've dubbed it: Courier.  We think that title best describes the best of AuditTrail, plus the new features.  We think you're going to love it.  Head on over to the Courier-Retired space to keep up with the latest news.

Want to know more?  Want to get involved and help shape AuditTrail's successor?  We're eager to have you.  Head on over to the How Can We Help? page and take a look at the list of things we could use assistance with.

See our Frequently Asked Questions

Read more in the Courier Space!

DOWNLOAD AuditTrail Today!                                                                                                                                                                          Check out What's New with AuditTrail

What is AuditTrail?

AuditTrail is a solution to lost or overdue CSEC audits. 

Built on Microsoft Access, it connects to your CSEC database, pulls in the audit data, and lets you route audits electronically with email notifications and easy tracking.

  • No more lost audits
  • See at a glance where the audit is and how long it's been there
  • Easy to use with email notifications and reminders
  • View Key Performance Indicators with a dashboard and custom reports
  • Awarded AMI 'Best Practices' award
  • No internet connection required!


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